Tuesday, November 3, 2009

catch of the day

Saw someone fishing for their breakfast in the LA River this morning on the first half of today’s ride. This is actually a pretty frequent sight but I’m still a bit surprised every time I see it. Just over the weekend I was telling someone who was looking for places to fish that they could fish The River. They wanted to know if you needed a license. Uh, well, yeah, I suppose, I mean, I think you need a license to fish anywhere in the state, technically, but no, you don’t really need a license to fish in the LA River because no body will ever, ever check up on you.

They’ve been working on the bike path that follows the river. It also follows the I-5 freeway. It’s wedged right in between. It could be more beautiful. But it’s still okay, fine, fun, nice-ish. The bike path is still gated off even though they’ve shifted their work to a more southerly section. Luckily, some thoughtful cyclist or hobo or cycling hobo has cut the fence in half so it’s passable again – you just duck your head and ride right through.

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