Monday, November 2, 2009

experimental drink

Lemon juice – squeeze a few wedges
Agave nectar – a couple spoonfuls
Water – about a pint

Might be a good replacement for Gatorade-ish drinks.


Honky Lips said...

Interesting mix. I might try it.

Are you running any of the Santa Monica 50k distances this month? My Night Owl Crew are running an aid station. I might make that drink and give it to the unsuspecting runners to drink!

Also 2 older women at the gym asked me to bring back the blog. How could I refuse?

Jonah said...

I know about the PCTR La Jolla Canyon run on Nov. 22. It’s on my calendar. It’s been penciled in for months now but I’m just not sure. I should probably do a 30K soon if I ever want to do more than that (in March at Sycamore?) And since my mountains are closed it might be nice to get some trail time out by the beach. But I haven’t gone over 12m in forever and I’d have to start tapering this weekend. Maybe I should try 18m this weekend and see if it’s a go. 18 miles in track shoes?! What’s become of me…

Welcome back to the blogoshere!