Saturday, November 7, 2009

Jonah and The Immovable Object

Fire hydrants are extremely hard and immovable objects. I’m sure I knew this, could have guessed this, but a couple of days ago I found out the real-world-way by smashing my knee into one of those tough little yellow stalwarts.

I was sure I’d cracked my kneecap (but didn’t – low threshold for pain!) It all happened so fast. I was gardening and that little bugger was lying in wait, hiding behind a low bush. Wham! Everything stopped – all forward progress halted. I saw my future flash before my eyes in a blinding light – surgery, months away from running and riding – for all intents and purposes, a death.

If it hadn’t been for the little old lady standing near by I would have let out the most cursed howl of my life (probably more like a yelp) – whole flocks of black birds would have suddenly taken flight from their perches in nearby trees, darkening the skies with their numbers and echoing my cries to the morning turning quickly ominous.

Suddenly, I’m very aware of the presence of these fireplugs all over town. It’s like they’re stalking me. It seems I see one every time I leave the house, every time I round a corner, Ha, there’s another. They’ve definitely got it in for me.

Despite the fact that I smashed my knee a couple days ago I seem to be more or less okay. I made it through a long run yesterday with no ill affects. So with that my 6-month hiatus from 12+ has finally ended.


Anonymous said...

Yeah you really have to keep an eye out for those fire plugs, you just can't trust them!! Glad you were not seriously injured and congrats on breaking the 12+ hiatus!!

Jonah said...

Thanks, Jaymes.

Alaskan Assassin said...

That is the reason why I do not garden.

Cool that nothing was broken.

Jonah said...

Thanks, Alaskan Assassin.

I need to be more careful with my body for a while, or forever. I was lucky to avoid injury in the garden but ended up with some kind of sprain in my foot a couple days later on my long run. Increasing mileage quickly in track shoes will do that to a fellow. I’ll figure it all out some day… maybe.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jonah, how's the knee?

Jonah said...

The knee is great, thanks! I can hardly remember which one I injured. It’s amazing how quickly that happens. Like they always say, “the body has an amazing ability to heal itself.” Of course, my confusion was added to when I slammed the other knee into a table while waiting for a burrito at Senor Fish over the weekend. Suddenly I’m a total clutz