Friday, June 18, 2010


Mindful Mule has been squeaking a lot lately, again. This is great when you’re about to get doored and you slam on the brakes to let out a blood curdling squeal in order to politely inform the driver to shut their damn door, but mostly it’s a little annoying.

So, I re-toed the pads and was very lucky (or skilled) in the process as I nailed it on the first try – front and back – no hassle at all. Finished in record time – probably like twenty minutes – hardly even got my hands that greasy.

I’ve only tested them out on my super steep driveway with no helmet as is my strange tradition, but they were quiet and buttery all the way down. Hopefully they’ll stop me in normal street braking, too. Also, hope there’s not another post upcoming to tell you about how I had to readjust, again, as is often the case.

15 days ‘til Le Tour!