Monday, November 10, 2008

running along

Ran long yesterday - same route – up the arroyo seco. Brought jelly snacks and salt tab and water bottle with sugar/salt/energy dissolved in it and refilled it twice – totaling 48 ounces. Weather was great – 67 degrees – big dark clouds – patches of sun.

Before I got to the trail, a little girl rode around a corner on a red tricycle and called out, “running guy!” That was a nice simplicity reminder - I was just a guy out running despite the fact that I had a salt tab duct-taped to my Livestrong bracelet and pockets stocked with stale chewable fuel and chapstick (a new breakthrough!) and was more in the mindset of some sort of north-polar explorer because these longer runs take a bit of tunnel thinking – yes, still, I was just a guy running.

I’ve been doing a lot of running with dogs lately. I don’t have a dog but there are a lot of people that walk on the trails with their dogs off-leash. Dogs like to run so as I run by their “owners” the dogs often run alongside me for a while. I like it – running with the pack…

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Kate said...

Maybe Santa will bring you a puppy. :)