Thursday, October 30, 2008

running schedule

Over the last several weeks I’ve been testing out a new running schedule. In the past I mostly just ran to the top of my street and back (3 miles) or to the bridge and back (7 miles) with occasional longer runs. Now I’m trying to follow a three-week rotation of short, medium, and long runs. The short week might contain all 3-milers with a focus on form and speed. The medium week might contain one or two 9-milers and one or two 3-milers. The long week might contain something in the 15–18 mile range and a couple 3-milers. It’s an up and down pulsing sort of training schedule. It’s not really based on anything I’ve read about except that one should probably not do the same thing everyday forever. I allow myself a lot of leeway with this schedule. If I don’t feel like running long on my long week I won’t – if I feel like running long on my short week I will. It’s just a bit of a guideline to keep my running from flat lining. And it seems to work pretty well for me so far. This week is a medium week. I’ve run two 9-milers. During both I felt good and strong and my form held up throughout the run enabling me to run faster than I’ve been running over the last several months. Even though my overall miles are down from last year I feel like I’m a better runner in regard to form, speed, and distance. It feels like I may have reached a new plateau. Of course last year’s foundation is probably still relevant to my current gains and it’s possible that my body is just suddenly happy that it’s not a million degrees all day long.


A Midnight Rider said...

I just began getting back into running. It's very difficult, but making progress a little at a time keeps me going.

It's a nice alternative or should I say addition to biking.

Jonah said...

Yes, I agree, running and biking compliment each other quite nicely.

Good luck and keep us posted with the running. One foot in front of the other...