Saturday, October 25, 2008

Brown Saturdae

I actually rode Brown on a Saturday… Okay, not that surprising… It was a great (perfect?) morning for a ride, too – sunny skies, 60 degrees at the start, 80 at the finish. And a nice cup of sugared coffee for recovery.

I collected some of the seeds from that “bear” scat I mentioned a couple weeks ago. I’ll plant them and see what comes up.

The riding felt great and I ended up with a pretty fast time. Although I was passed on the way up by a cyclocrosser! I moved my seat about 7mm forward from last time and this really seems to put me in a better position to power. Throughout all the seat raising I’ve been doing over the past year I’d never moved the seat forward. As the seat goes up it also goes back so hopefully this will correct my fore/aft positioning to its original or proper spot.

By the way, Major by Todd Balf is the book I’m reading right now and it’s really good – about the early days (turn of the century-ish (not this one)) of bicycles and racing. Next I might check out his book The Last River.

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