Wednesday, January 9, 2008

the feet know

The outside of my right foot has been hurting for a couple weeks. And you know what that means – time to blame the shoes. Right now I’m rotating four pairs of shoes. Two are getting up around 400 miles and should probably be retired soon or at least restricted to short runs only. I don’t think these are the main source of the problem, though.

The shoes I believe to be causing me problems are not old – just over 100 miles - but I think they’re just too ridiculous. There are a lot of ridiculous shoes out there these days. They’ve all got the new super extra stabil-torsion-loop-cross-hyper-lite-whatnots… but, hey, they look cool and that’s what counts, right?

Well, looking cool is fine enough, and I have to admit that I do judge a shoe by its appearance a little too often. But when the shoe starts trying to tell my foot what to do, it’s game over, man. My feet know what they’re doing just fine on their own thank you very much.

So I did my best to listen to my feet in the store and I think I found some nice cushy shoes without too much hooplah. Already my feet feel better (is that even possible?). I think I’ll take them out for an easy three tonight…


Geoff said...

i've got a pair of shoes that have been doing the same thing to the outside of my left foot. at first i thought they just needed to get broken in further but now with only 75 miles on them i'm going to call the quits. it's a tough call with how expensive shoes are and with the amount of running i'm doing right now i'm going through a pair every 3 weeks or so. i think i'll need to get a second job just to pay for my running shoes.

Jonah said...

It is frustrating to have to “put down” a pair of shoes at such a young age. Especially when they still look new and shiny.

Hopefully you’ll get sponsored soon and won’t have to worry about that second job.

Any ideas on what to do with a pile of dead running shoes?

Geoff said...

i've actually sold most of my old running shoes on ebay. usually can get $5-10 per pair.

Jonah said...

Thanks. Good idea.