Saturday, January 12, 2008

performance enhancing junk in the garage

I think it’s time again to add some weight training into the mix. I haven’t lifted weights in a real way in probably eight years. That’s a pretty long rest between sets.

I used to do a lot of weight training in my youth. Now that I’m almost into my old age (I’ll be 35 this year) I think I could benefit from some strengthening activities.

The trouble is that I don’t like most gyms. They seem like such fake environments. My old gym was okay, though. It was a pretty serious place - mostly a bunch of bouncers and martial artists - oh, and my Mom. I guess I could go back there.

But, then there’s the issue of price, too. Gyms are expensive.

So, until I figure this out I’m going to start with a few calisthenics-type exercises around the home.

That’s probably all I really need, anyway - just enough to reengage that sense of resistance training.

This way I can do sets in between every paragraph…

Some push-ups…

Some squats…

(How does one do squats at home? Well, it’s tough. But we’ve got these rolls of Marley in the garage (ah, life with a modern dancer…). Each roll is about 5 feet long and about 60 pounds. It’s a bit awkward to get a roll up off the floor and onto the shoulders, but I guess that can be included as part of the exercise, too. They’re not heavy enough for a real workout, but they’re free and available.)

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