Monday, November 26, 2007

car wins this round

Hilary and I did a lot of traveling this past week – “planes, trains, and automobiles.” Well, not trains, unless you count that little shuttle between terminals at the Las Vegas airport. Yes, we went to Vegas for Thanksgiving. Pretty awesome idea, eh? Actually, we just went through Vegas – parked the car there and flew the rest of the way up to that cozy little town in the north, Missoula, to visit friends and family for the giant feast.

Of course, I drank a lot, too. As you can see below, the quantity of beer rose slightly higher as the week progressed. Not all that bad though for a holiday week.

Perhaps the most significant news related to this blog is the introduction of cross-country skiing. Our hosts managed to scrounge up just enough extra equipment so that we could all head up into the Rattlesnake for a few miles of winter wilderness. I’d never cross-country skied before so I was a little awkward at first, but I eventually found a little bit of smooth stride. It seemed to fit the running stride more closely that the walking stride.

I’m really glad to be off the highway now and can’t wait to ride my bike. Also, I’ve got a great chance to go over 1000 running miles this week. Maybe 7 today and 8 Wednesday and that’ll do it.

Run 7 = 3+4
Bike 21 = 3+18
Burrito 3
Beer 19 = 2+3+4+5+5
Car 596 = 531+20+15+15+15
XC a few miles

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