Monday, October 22, 2007

Surreal Cross

I watched my first cyclocross race on Saturday. Dan the Man and I rode out to the SoCalCross race at Hansen Dam. It was a very strange experience. As we approached the area we could hear someone talking on a loud speaker somewhere off in the distance, but couldn’t quite figure out where. Finally we managed to track down a way to the start/finish line. There was hardly anyone there except for the riders. Dan and I found a shady spot to sit for a few minutes as we watched the riders meander around the surprisingly lush green park with lots of trees right in the middle of a dry, rocky, sun-exposed floodplain/wash/arroyo. They were playing an odd assortment of music which included a fair amount of smooth jazz and classical Latin guitar. It felt like we had stumbled upon another dimension. I kept feeling/saying: “this is so weird… this is so weird…” And the racers kept rolling along peacefully to the sounds of their easy listening music.

Last Week:
Run: 14 = 7+7
Bike: 116 = (7+3)+6+(3+6)+(3+6)+48+34
Burrito: 4 = 1+1+(1+1)
Beer: 21 = 3+1+6+4+6+1
Car: 101 = 67+34

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