Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I’ve been in a running bog the last few weeks. Once I calculated the minimum to complete my Running Grand this year I’ve been doing the bare minimum to get through the year. For some reason I’ve lost the drive. I think I know what that reason is: the bike - it’s all I can think about. And now suddenly I’ve got this new goal of biking 3000 miles this year that I hadn’t fully embraced until now. All my focus has shifted.

Which, again, brings up the whole issue of goals and counting. 1000 miles is a totally arbitrary distance. What the hell is a mile? And why not 1111 miles? Maybe that should be my new run goal. And 3333 for the bike. And less than 555 (or 666) for the drinks.

But, there I go again with the goals. Why can’t I just go out there and run and bike and drink and live?

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