Wednesday, October 24, 2007

letting jonah run/live

That symbolic reset yesterday seemed to help me out a lot. Or maybe it was the giant bag of fake Oreos I’ve been binging/carbo-loading on the last couple days. Whatever it was, I’m feeling much better now. Sorry if I got a little ranty yesterday – I mean, I did use the H-word (sorry mom). I went out this morning for the usual seven-mile to-the-bridge run but just kept on going and going. It probably wasn’t the best day to have done this given that I skipped breakfast, the temperature increased by twelve degrees during my run, there’s smoke everywhere from all the fires closing in on LA, and I haven’t really been running that kind of distance for a while, but this was the day it happened and I’m glad for it. I had a great run. I finally turned around when I got to Johnson’s Rock. This is the finish line for the AC 100 just below JPL/NASA. Granted, I took the super easy way to get to Johnson’s Rock – a gentle cruiser up the Arroyo Seco, rather than the 100-mile trek through the mountains from Wrightwood – but it still felt like a nice accomplishment for the day.

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