Monday, October 1, 2007

first of the month (rabbit, rabbit)

I originally started calling the newest addition to the bike quiver “Metamorphosis” because it looked so much like my other bike (Mindful Mule) had gone through some sort of incredible cocoon phase through which it grew suspension, among other things. Meta feels like an easier nickname, but I’ve been unsure about what kinds of connotations that name might hold. So, I did a quick check on Wiki about the meaning of Meta. Two of its definitions are “beyond” and “with”. These seem fitting. Meta and I are becoming fast friends. We’ve already traveled “with” each other “beyond” the boundaries of city-life, up to that soulful mountain of mine – Brown. (By the way, the picture up at the top, in the blog title/header is of the mountains off the backside of Brown – “beyond” Brown.)

Beyond and With seem like good words to remember in our lives, too. We want to move beyond our ego restraints, to possibly touch some of our transcendent, spiritual potential, but we also want to stay grounded or connected with the “everyday” world of culture and people around us. Basically, don’t get too “bike crazy” or it could get lonely.

Last Week:
Run: 14 = 7+7 (ytd 816)
Bike: 78 = 3+27Brown+12+28Brown+8 (ytd 2173)
Burrito: 2 (est. ytd 86)
Beer: 9 = 3+5+1 (est. ytd 392)
Car: 41 = 31+3+7 (est. ytd 1321)

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Jonah said...

I think you should call her Missy Meta or Miss Meta to remind her of the first few years that she spent in Mississippi (that’s where she moved here from). Then she’d also have the same initials as Mindful Mule.