Thursday, September 27, 2007

alternate workout

For those of you feeling a little bored with your routine as we head into the deep dark cold of winter (it’s a good thing I don’t live in Alaska, I’d have SAD something awful), I’ve found a great change of pace. Try to plant a tree. Discover that there’s concrete a foot under the soil surface – maybe an old patio – no wonder nothing would ever grow there. Go to the hardware store. Buy a 6-pound sledgehammer and a steel mason’s chisel. Over the course of a couple of weeks spend your spare time hammering away. It’ll probably take you about ten hours to smash a hole 18-inches wide through the 6-inch layer of concrete. Don’t worry about the strange smell coming out of the hole – it’s probably not a broken gas line. There’s a good chance you’ll experience back tightness and shaky hands throughout this weeks-long process. But, eventually, you’re bound to hit the earth down below at which point you can deservedly hobble to the surface and cry Eureka!

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