Friday, August 24, 2007

back in cali

Okay, so I’m back. I’ve been traveling around in planes, trains, and automobiles for the past two weeks – and one boat, a bus, and a couple elevators. So much for all the car miles I’ve been saving over the past year – my carbon footprint just went through the roof with something like 12,000 miles of air travel.

I’ll be brief with my travel itinerary. Basically, it goes like this:

Boston: a wedding - congrats Mark and Becca! And five beers.

Amsterdam: Oh my, that’s a lot of bikes. But why are so many just locked up and rusting away and flatted out? Drank a real Amstel (not light) - good stuff. And a romantic moonlight dinner cruise through the canals with Hilary.

Brussels: Nice big park called Van de Wolfens or something. Lots of Irish pubs around. Everyone seems to speak Dutch and French and English.

London: I must have slept through the Chunnel; I don’t remember it. Hyde park was big and great for running. We went to Buckingham Palace to make the guards laugh and saw Billy Elliot (the musical).

All in all: a good trip with lots of drizzly rain and running and parks and cafes and trains and a few wacky experiences.

Fixies are all over Boston and London.

Running on unfamiliar routes is really hard. I kept thinking I was running twice as far as I was. It was super nice to run in the cool rain.

I lost 10lbs on the amazing euro diet. (So, I’m not posting my leg circumference, yet.) It goes something like this: don’t eat much of anything and walk around all day long and don’t sleep at night and stop drinking water and you’ll probably lose about a pound a day, too.

I sure missed Mindful Mule (the amazing electric midnight purple mountain cycle) over the last couple weeks. I think I’ll make it up to her with some On-One Mary bars.

It’s good to be back and catching up on all your blogs.

2-week backlog:
Run: 39
Bike: 32
Burrito: 2
Beer: 13
Car: 90
Plane: half way around the earth equivalent

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