Sunday, August 26, 2007

copyright infringement

I saw a great looking motorcycle the other day. I haven’t been to conscious of motorcycles lately. I’ve only got space in my head for one two wheeled passion, but I still have a little of that little boy “wow, a motorbike” feeling occasionally. This bike was a new Red Honda CBR 600RR – basically a street legal race bike – very sleek – looks like a rocket – the style you’ve surely seen screaming through traffic at 100 miles an hour. So, anyway, I got home and had to check it out on the web. After regaining my sanity and deciding not to buy a ten thousand dollar motorcycle, I clicked over to the scooter page, and that’s when I saw it - my mantra. Right there on the Honda website – Ride Happy. So, I guess I won’t be mass marketing those Ride Happy t-shirts after all.

It really is a good thing to remember, though. Of course we want to enjoy our rides and life and be happy, but there’s more to it than just that. Ride Happy is about separating oneself from the rush that we are caught up in. It is about slowing down and being aware of the irregularities in the flow of traffic. It’s about sharing the road. It’s about getting to your destination in a refreshed mood rather than in the middle of a rant about asshole car drivers. I’m really convinced that this riding style makes it better for everyone out there.

So I’m going to keep using the mantra - I hope the scooter gangs don’t come after me.

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