Saturday, July 21, 2007

weeble wobble woes

Rode up Brown yesterday evening. Beautiful ride. Not many folks out. I only saw seven bikers and three walkers on the fire road. Actually, three of those bikers were pushing their bikes up the road. Does that make them walkers?

The front hub is great. It feels like I’ve just released the brakes - much faster and smoother. BUT, still the speed wobble remains. I’m going to check the stem/neck again, but it doesn’t seem to be loose. So, if anyone has any suggestions or experience in this area I’d love to have some help. The handlebars and front wheel start to shake pretty severely at about 15 miles per hour and up. It seems to be less wobbly if I’m pedaling, though. And, this only happens when my hands are off the bars, which is why it’s not a huge deal, but it would be nice to figure it out.


supahb said...

your walker comment strikes a low blow. low blow. that fire road is steep! I'd like to adhere to the spirit of the term: "If my hands are on the handlebars, I am a biker."

Jonah said...

Okay Brad, let’s compromise: “If you’re pushing your bike up the hill, you’re a downhiller.”