Friday, July 20, 2007

hub, again

I rebuilt my front hub again today. The speed wobbles have returned since my last attempt a few weeks ago, but it’s been a little more stable throughout that period. Today I took it apart completely and cleaned it all out including each individual ball bearing – ten per side. It definitely shows signs of wear. (As I’ve mentioned, the bike is a ’94 so it has a fair number of miles on it, although the majority of those miles have been in the last few years.) The ball bearings look like the surface of the moon - pitted. Likewise, the first bearing seal nut has little marks dented into it most of the way around the contact surface – strangely, only on one side of the hub. I should probably replace some of those parts, or as Dan the Man suggested, just replace the whole bike. But I didn’t do either of these things (yet). I just greased it back up and threaded it back together. It spins okay now (several revolutions per hard spin) and no side-to-side movement. I figure it should last another week or month or so…

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