Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Dead tree outside my window yesterday.

Live tree outside my window today.

Dead tree.

Live Tree.

Moon rising over live tree. I think that's good luck.

Walk 3 for burrito
Bike 6 on the Schwinn for a test ride
Bike 3 on Mindful Mule (right) for groceries
Sapporo Reserve 1



shawnkielty said...

Riding with groceries is always fun.

I planted a native oak (quercus lobata) once in CA. Bought the tree, got expert advice from the elder brother and last time I looked it was about 20 feet tall but then I discovered someone had removed it.

Jonah said...

Ah, yes, Quercus lobata (the Valley Oak) is one of my favorites. It's a beautiful tree. I'd like to plant one of those, too. I just need to find the right spot - one with a lot of space. Bummer that your tree was removed.