Wednesday, May 30, 2007

not quite a Luddite

I’ve heard about this new technological breakthrough in the world of mountain cycling. It’s called suspension. It seems like a really good idea. Why take the extra trail abuse if it’s not necessary? I’ve been thinking about getting a suspended bike for the last several years. Having never ridden one, though, I’m still skeptical about their performance. Especially, since half of the ride is generally uphill when it doesn’t seem like an advantage, but an anchor/weight. At the moment I’m in love with the Santa Cruz Superlight .

In place of a new/newer bike I’m considering changing the handlebars so that when the washboard sections of trail do rattle the ride, at least my hands will be in a proper/comfortable position. I think mustache bars might be a little extreme (although, I do think they’re pretty). Anyway, some kind of bars that bring the pinkie side of my hands more towards me seem nice.

Bike 10
JD/DC (jack daniel’s and diet coke) 1

Run 7 – so painful on the quads, but getting better with each mile
Bike 10

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