Thursday, May 31, 2007

joe says...

I know I haven’t mentioned much about coffee, yet. There must be dozens of coffee enthusiasts just dying to hear it mentioned here. I mean, it is mentioned in my profile and in my header so I guess I should say something lest I be accused of falsely representing my blog. But, what can really be said. I drink coffee. It’s the only thing that gets me out of bed in the morning. I take it black - at least to start things off. Then later in the day I’ll usually switch to a soy latte when I meet Dan the Man for ride/coffee/ranting dates. I’m not opposed to decaf either. Later in the day I find it’s a smart choice and tastes just as brown. Although, my sister nearly disowned me recently for uttering the D word. I guess I’m just not that picky. Just like that Blues Traveler song: “I like coffee and I like tea… lalalalalalalalalala didi… I know no matter what the waitress brings I will drink it and always be full, yes…” Hmm, that’s actually pretty deep. Always be grateful… for coffee and bikes and friends and blogs…

Wednesday - I think I’m going to convert this to a weekly total soon.
Run 7
Bike 3

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