Friday, June 1, 2007

mags versus blogs

The new Trail Runner magazine finally arrived in the mail yesterday. I’ve been looking forward to its arrival for a while now. That’s the trouble with the bimonthly magazines. By the time a new issue arrives you’re so excited and deprived that you tear through the whole thing in just a day or two and then there’s a whole two more months to wait again and wonder if maybe your subscription has expired. And don’t get me started on the quarterlies – yes, you Wend.

I’m not exactly a trail runner, although I do enjoy it from time to time. But, I find this magazine inspiring. I usually see a spike in my running mileage soon after each new issue. This past interval between magazine issues, I discovered blogging. Now I get inspiration from you all every day. So, thanks a lot for that.

It’s funny, after all that anticipation of the new issue I found myself a little let down (although, I haven’t read the Angeles Crest 100 article yet – I’m excited about that and saving it for last – that route finishes at my favorite trail). Some of the articles missed the human element that I find in your blogs. There’s a certain realness, a humanness that is sometimes lost in all the polishing of a magazine. I wanted to be able to comment and ask questions, too. I suppose I could send a letter to the editor, but then I’d have to wait two months for a reply.

So anyway, thank you all for keeping me even keel over the past month. Maybe I’ll let that subscription run out after all...

Run 9 – slow and steady

All this inspiration and I’m taking a rest day!?

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A Midnight Rider said...

Mags are a necessity. (for that special seat when nature calls). Blogs are for something to do at work.