Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mindful Mule and Me

Yep, that’s my bike’s name – Mindful Mule. But really, it’s my name, too. I guess I named my bike after myself. It’s a good name, for both of us.

Mules tend to follow the same paths over and over again. Sometimes they can handle the load. But, they can also be stubborn for no particular reason.

Sometimes they just want to lie down and eat fresh veggies.

Mindful Mule knows the path well enough and tries to follow it – slow and steady and predictable – most of the time.

But, you have to remember that Mindful Mule is half horse, too. And sometimes he likes chasing the peloton around for a few laps. He can’t keep up for long, but just long enough to make the thoroughbreds a bit confused. “What’s this mule with the flannel roll strapped to his pack doing next to me!” they snort.

Mindful Mule is a work in progress. Mellow already, maybe, but not really mindful, fully. The Mindful part of the name is more of a goal, a reminder. ‘Cause when you’re a mule, it helps to keep your mind full – or… empty, rather.

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