Tuesday, June 16, 2009

nine is the new seven

Went for a slow and easy nine-mile run up the Arroyo this morning. Nine is a good distance. Depending on how I’m feeling on a given day it can be challenging or energizing but never really draining like longer distances can be sometimes. And unless it’s super hot you don’t really have to prepare with water bottles and snacks and such. But it’s also just far enough that, run consistently, I think it could be good foundation maintenance for longer runs when their time comes.

On the run today I thought about mileage-weeks. When I’m not too into a run I start doing math in my head for distraction. Right now I think my record is somewhere in the mid-sixties but haven’t had long weeks like that in a long time. Lately I’ve only been in the 20’s/week… I’d like to get that a bit higher but at the same time don’t want to bore my self with a strict schedule. I just want to run in the Arroyo more… and maybe someday twelve will become the new nine…

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