Monday, June 1, 2009

Double Brown!

…okay, maybe I should explain…

Brown, being the mountain that I ride the bike to on many a Sunday morning. Double, indicating that I rode it twice. This is something I’ve thought about doing for a long time - a few years. But it just seems too crazy to ever attempt.

On Sunday I went riding with Cycle Tony. He just acquired one of those whacky looking Lefty bikes so we took it out for a christening ride on Brown. Tony had limited time as he had to get to his nieces birthday party so we only rode halfway up Brown – to the junction – which is a good ride in itself – a lot of people just ride to the junction and come back down.

But as we were riding back down I had this empty feeling inside - I missed Brown. When we got back down to the trailhead Tony headed off to the party and I (secretly) headed back up into the cool clouds to find my mountain. I rode to the top of Brown and then back down to the junction and then back again to Brown and then all the way down again to the trailhead.

Then to make it completely official, after riding home and eating some lunch I biked back to the trailhead to make it two complete trips from home to Brown in one day (albeit, in rather unusual order.)

56 miles (half road, half mountain.)

Double Brown.


A Midnight Rider said...

Interesting take on two round trips for sure.

What is a lefty bike? I may need to get one.

Jonah said...

Cannondale has a front suspension fork that only has one side - the left. I guess it’s hard to call it a fork – it’s more like a stick. They look really strange to me. See image here.

A Midnight Rider said...

Ahhh. Here I was, thinking it was a blue colored bike.

Jonah said...

Umm, as in a politically left bike (blue bikes vs. red bikes)?

Or is that a left side of the pond blue jerseyed New England Revolution stand…

I just figured you were left handed and thought you might need a lefty bike (chainrings on the left, front brake lever on the right, front wheel drive…)