Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mount Wilson 2009

It seemed like everything was going right on the morning of the race. As Hilary and I were driving up toward the start of the race we could see sunbeams breaking through the clouds and spotlighting the Mount Wilson trail while everything else was socked in clouds – an invitation from the mountain. The sun finally broke through just at the start of the race to provide for a beautiful day in the mountains.

Hilary wasn’t planning on racing but somehow managed to sign up about 15 minutes before the race even though it’s been full/closed for weeks. So, that was fun to have her racing again. She missed last year due to ACL. She rocked this year’s race in 1:46.

Jonah, on the other hand, (how should I put this nicely) was flat. Despite a good sleep the night before and fairly decent training I just had nothing in me. I can throw out some excuses like cramps and cherry bombs but I guess I just didn’t have it yesterday. I had no drive up the mountain. I did a lot of walking and just couldn’t get myself to push it. Perhaps I peaked in my training too early or was too relaxed. I’ve never felt so ready for a race. I had high hopes as I’ve been running faster and faster lately. However, my time fell back to 1:37 – same as two years ago. Ten minutes slower than last year! I feel sorry for future Jonah. He’s going to be punished with some serious trail training hell over this next year…

On a positive note, the new trail shoes were great. They made a huge difference in traction and ankle twisties.

Also, I got to meet Rocky! And, of course, CatrAndy! Yea!

After the race we went down the hill to our third annual post race margarita brunch at Mijares with The Reverend (2:20) and Suz which always helps to wash away the pain and or disappointment (and or arrogance in the unlikely event of a miracle time). Next year I hope Mr. Ohara can join us again.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to start training for Mount Wilson 2010…

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Alaskan Assassin said...

I know what your problem was. Everytime I have a great night sleep before a race I run terribly the next day.

Plus some days you have it most days you dont. That has always been my experience. Races are all about having fun anyways.

Congrats to your friend for running a solid time out there.