Saturday, April 18, 2009

run to be a runner

Went out for a 9er run up the Arroyo Seco today. “Just nine,” I’ve been thinking lately, or “an easy nine.” These are hard won thoughts.

Although I only went nine miles I tried to make it about as difficult for myself as I could.

I started out by drinking a lot and staying up real late last night. Which usually means poor quality and short sleep for me. The hangover started to ease back at around noon at which time the day was already creeping up to 85 degrees.

So there I was, feeling like crap and exhausted, in the hottest part of the day on the hottest day of the year so far and I decide to go out for just an easy nine. Don’t left your life or your environment get in the way of your running schedule.

I’m convinced that’s the way to be a runner. Run when it’s hot. Run when it’s cold… when you’re tired… when you’re happy, mad, bored, sick, drunk, dehydrated… when it’s raining, etc… Then eventually you’ll become a runner… or die trying.

With about a half mile left in my run I got something in my eye that I couldn’t get out. I wouldn’t let myself stop to address it. Run with one eye closed when there’s something in your eye.

I got home and rinsed my eye with water cupped in my hands over the sink. I started drinking the cold water from my hands and washing my face of run-grime. There was something primal about drinking that cool water from my hands. It was the most refreshing and quenching drink in the world.

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Evan said...

Great post. The conditions do make you tougher. Hope you eye is better.

GO JAZZ!! (Lakers were outplayed the second half.)