Wednesday, April 22, 2009

forecast for only 80 degrees today

It’s been like 100 degrees the last couple days. Still, I saw a good number of bikers out there along one of my new routes into Los Felis which takes me through trendy town where the bikers can’t ride without a messenger bag. This is fine, though, whatever they need to get out on the bike is fine by me.

We (me and the other bikers) had a nice little convoy going as we kept pace with the horseless carriages along York and Eagle Rock Blvd. Riders are stripping down in the heat and showing off their winter-made muscles. The rider in front of me had a very nice dragonfly tattoo on her calf encouraging me to keep up.

As we peeled off in our various directions I headed up the bike path along the beautiful LA River. Yes, there is a river in LA. It once was beautiful before it was tortured and channelized and forgotten by most. It could be beautiful again thanks to many people who are working to make that happen.

I’m glad that it will be a little cooler today. I’m not quite ready for August yet.

Happy Earth Day!

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