Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I love having a little computer on my bike that tells me how far I’ve ridden. I don’t have a computer for each of my bikes, though, so I often return from a ride and head to gmap-pedometer to map my ride. I find it rather interesting that even on a fairly long and complex route our minds are able to recall every turn we made along the way. It’s kind of fun to relive the ride in this way. But it’s also a pain.

I went on a long ride this evening on “Totally Eighties” which does not have a bike computer. Although I had a vague idea of how far I had ridden I didn’t have a little digital number reminding me from the handlebar. So I kept riding and riding. As I was getting close to home I came across a group ride I’ve been meaning to attend for a few weeks. So I rode with them for a while. Then finally I made it home and checked it all out on the big computer and what do you know… I rode fifty miles…oops.

If I had known how many miles I’d ridden already, I never would have tacked on the extra miles with the group. I would have said to myself, “isn’t 30 miles quite enough for a normal person to be riding through the evening?” But 30 wasn’t enough and I was glad to ride with some fun folks for a while. So, maybe, sometimes, that high-tech stuff just weighs us down.

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