Monday, March 23, 2009

back on track

I didn’t run at all last week. It was a bit of a new year’s resolution for me this year to have no zero mile running weeks, so I’ll have to do better about that.

I did get some riding in though and even passed a pretty nice mileage milestone (see sidebar.)

I did get back out running again this evening. Just a short one but it felt good and it’s nice to be back on track.

After the run I went riding around the Rose Bowl loop on Masi. She’s finally all tuned up right. It takes me a long time to do the fine tuning on a bike but it does feel good to do it myself.

While at the Rose Bowl I saw a guy running with an Olympic bar bell with 10 pound plates on his shoulders. Pretty amazing way to train. I saw him several times on the loop, as we were going in opposite directions, and at one point he was doing military presses as he ran!!!!

I’m tempted (thanks Evan) to run an 18er this weekend in Sycamore Canyon … It’s a bit of a long drive (maybe 60 miles) just to go running, but I feel like I could use some time with the community…

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Evan said...

That would be cool if you made the race. I am buds with the race directors and they put on a good one. The 18k is a tough course but it is a very scenic. Hopefully I will see you there Sunday.