Thursday, January 15, 2009


I sanded down the sidewall of the rims on Mindful Mule today - desperate times call for desperate measures. Used a pretty fine sand paper – the green stuff – worn out 80-grit. No more squawk. (Toe-in is bogus.) Sleep well neighborhood.


Jeff Moser said...

Really? I may have to try this. My single speed sounds like a heard of squealing pigs.

Jonah said...

Yes, this is true. Sanding the braking surface on the rim worked wonders. However, I should say that these rims are new (a few months old) and there seemed to be some kind of residue from some part of the manufacture/assembly/packaging process. It may have been just the sanding off of this residue that made the difference or maybe the rim itself was just too smooth to begin with and needed a little more of a machined surface. And I’d tried every thing else I could think of to get rid of that horrendous squeal short of getting the more expensive and softer brake pads, which would have been my next step. Also, the brakes have worked perfectly/silently for three days now but I don’t know for sure about the long-term continuation of this solution. So, I’d say give it a shot if you’re desperate but proceed with caution and use a fine sandpaper.