Saturday, June 14, 2008

Friday evening loops

Went out for a fairly long ride on “totally eighties” last night. I wasn’t feeling too adventurous so I just headed up to the Rose Bowl and did loop after loop after loop. Some people think that this is a boring route to ride, but I think it’s rather nice. There’s almost always a lot of people out walking and running and riding, so the people watching potential alone keeps it interesting.

It’s also nice when you’re breaking in a new bike because you can just focus on the bike for miles and miles without having to worry too much about where to turn or cars or whatnot. “T80” presented me with several tuning and adjustment challenges during the ride. The rear wheel pulled out of the dropouts several times and the rear shifting was not quite smooth so I stopped occasionally to address these issues.

At about lap number five I called Hilary (yes, from the bike, is that illegal, I don’t know). She told me she was bringing home cookies! That powered me through several more laps. It’s always nice to have tasty treats waiting after a long ride. And the cookies went great with the last pale ale from the fridge. I pretty much passed out after that - goodnight!

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