Thursday, June 12, 2008

123 read something

Tag, I’m it. A Midnight Rider has requested that I share a few lines from the book I’m currently reading. So I will. And then I’ll tag five other people and force them to do the same.

Three Cups of Tea
Mortenson, Relin
Page 123
Sentence 6-8

“He slipped me a big roll of rupees,” McCown says, “and asked me to act like a big boss from America. So I hammed it up. I walked around like a chief, paying everyone their wages, telling them they were doing a great job, and to really throw themselves into it, and finish as fast as they could.”

The book is a lot better than that paragraph might suggest, but rules are rules and I don’t want no bad luck…

Do You?
Shawn, Pulsipher, Tonya, Kessler, Mr. Forsan Et Haec…

p.s. – my rules are abbreviated, see A Midnight Rider for full details…

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