Saturday, June 7, 2008

bike news

I picked up a new road bike yesterday. Which means I need to think of a new name. I’m thinking maybe “totally eighties!” I don’t know the exact year of this bike yet – maybe I never will, but I believe it’s somewhere between ’85 and ’89. It has index shifting (I was surprised by this) on the down tube – for the cassette, anyway, not the front chain rings. She’s a little scratched up and could use a good set of tires, but all in all, not bad to look at – or ride.


Jonah said...

what!?! a photo!?!

i like that she matches your blog layout...

Jonah said...

Just looked up the serial number – looks to be an ’88.

Also, took it for a good ride today - really nice - smooth.

shawnkielty said...

Very nice -- it looks like as sweet ride.

My first real bike was a centurion -- and it got stolen in about 1978. It was very sweet and weighed a measly 20 lbs. I miss that bike.

It was a cherry red color.