Tuesday, May 13, 2008

the breath that reminds me

Back in the flatlands again this morning - went for a one hour “bridge” run for the first time in a little while. It felt good to be able to maintain a more consistent pace after spending several runs in the mountains. The mountain runs seem to have really helped out my flatland running. The mountains have reminded me that it’s okay to push a little harder. I’ve been focusing on the number of strides per breath. Going up the mountain I max out at about four steps for every inhale/exhale cycle. Down in the flats, even when I feel like I’m going fast and pushing myself, it’s more like eight steps per breath cycle. So I guess I can step it up a bit more when running down here.

I’m looking forward to running the Mt Wilson Trail Race on May 24th. I just got the notice that “it’s a go” – the Sierra Madre fires are out and lots of volunteers have hustled to fix up the trail - thank you! Hope to get one or two more mountain runs in this weekend, then a few easy runs the week before Mt. Wilson.

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