Tuesday, April 22, 2008

they tell me it’s earth day

I suppose it’s a good day to consider our surroundings and recognize our home. Partly through the names of our cities or states or regions or cultures but also through landforms and rivers and lakes and soil and rock formations and hills and valleys and mountains and seasons and weather and climate and all the parts of this earth that support the plants and animals and souls and spirits that we live with.

Day seven:
I can’t tell you how many lemons I’ve squeezed over the past week. I should have been keeping track – probably somewhere around thirty lemons. Squeezing is a lot of work. Three more days of lemon squeezing lie ahead. Then I “break” the fast with orange juice for a day and two-thirds. I use quotes because that doesn’t seem like breaking the fast to me. I’m sure I’ll appreciate the switch to OJ, but as far as I’m concerned I’ll still be fasting. I’m starting to get pretty excited about my vegetable soup on Sunday night, though – real food is only five short days away! And I just discovered that it’s “okay” to put brown rice in the soup thereby making it a real meal!

This is so crazy. I mean, here it is Tuesday evening. I haven’t eaten since last Tuesday evening and I’m not going to eat anything until Sunday evening. How is this possible? Who knew that 14 tablespoons of maple syrup per day could sustain someone for so long. Maybe I’ll start using maple syrup in my regular diet, too, if I do in fact ever start eating again. It would mix up nicely as a natural energy drink.

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