Wednesday, April 23, 2008

great day eight

Just got back from a short run. For the past week I’ve had some minor knee pain (tenderness) just underneath and to the right (from my side) of my left kneecap. It’s only been there during the first half mile of my runs and then it fades away. Today, however, it never appeared. And my stride felt great. I felt light. And bouncy. Or springy. There was a middle or high school track meet going on at the track up the street as I ran by. Lots of activity and colors moving around the track. It was fun to see families with kids running along the sidewalk to get to the track to see their siblings run. As I was running back towards home I caught the wind at just such an angle so that every stride had a soundtrack in my ears – froom froom froom. I got back from my run and I felt great. I feel awesome. I feel euphoric… borderline euphoric. What’s in this lemonade? Even stretching felt great and the shower felt great. So, I guess there’s something to this master cleanse after all. And to top it all off, the new Trailrunner came in the mail today - which is always a great feeling, too…

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