Saturday, February 2, 2008

an amphibian, a cyborg, and some duck

I saw a salamander at the bottom of the Brown mountain trail today. I almost ran over it as it crept slowly across the path. Luckily I saw it’s otherworldly orange skin just in time to slam on the brakes and avoid it. I pointed the salamander out to a guy standing near by and he said “nice visuals.” Was he referring to my eyesight or did he like the way the salamander looked?

A little later up the trail, I came across Cyborg Man. This is a guy I’ve seen several times on my runs through the Arroyo Seco. He wears dark wraparound sunglasses, no shirt, a utility belt with magic liquids of some kind, and he beeps with every other step as if he’s about to explode at any moment. He was walking (and beeping) up the trail and he apparently has superhero hearing or eyes in the back of his head because he started talking to me before I even caught up to him. It was a little strange. But, he seems like a pretty nice guy, not the super-villain I thought he was. He thought it was a nice day and he likes the cold. That’s what he told me as I rode past him.

It was a little chilly out there today – low 50’s. I placed duct tape over the mesh part of my shoes to try to keep out the wind and keep my toes a little warmer. This actually seemed to help. My feet were still numb when I got home, but that probably just means I need more tape – you can always use more “duck” tape.


A Midnight Rider said...

I wonder if Mr. Beep has those infomercial glassess that let you see behind?

Jonah said...

Yes, probably… because usually I sneak up on people/animals. In fact, later on that same ride I gave another rider quite a fright (although, I think he was a ghost, too). I don’t intend to be sneaky, but end up ghosting up on all sorts of things out there…