Monday, January 21, 2008

rejection, due to lack of spirit

Exercise is kind of a funny thing. There are people about my world that think that I get a lot of it. But honestly, I exercise very little. This is something that has become apparent to me in this past week since I’ve had a free pass to the gym up the street. While the “workouts” have been good enough, I just can’t connect with their perspective.

Many of my runs and rides may not quite be out in “sublime nature,” but I do seek routes that allow me to have the possibility of contact with the earthly landscape/spirit among which I believe we reside. I go for the companionship, not the pump. The gym does not provide me with this manner of companionship.

Today my free week is up and I need to decide if I’d like to “join.” So I’m supposed to balance and weigh the potential advantage as to whether or not paying a certain amount of money per month to lift “state of the art” “heavy stuff” will be valuable to me/my health/my experience as a human.

This same sum of money could buy me new handlebars every month.

Or new running shoes every month.

Or help provide for our fellow humans in need – every month (or other org.)

Or pay part of my bar tab…

The gym guy will probably call me tomorrow. Wish me luck in rejecting his version of reality (and substituting my own *).

Past Week
Run 28 = (7+1+1)+(3+1)+(12+1+1)
Bike 48 = 24.63+(2+4.32)+2.66+(7.44+7)
Car 45 = (31+6)+8

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