Saturday, January 5, 2008

first run

Went out for the first run of the year tonight with Hilary. We took a few easy laps around the high school track (Go Tigers!). I hardly ever run at the track. I’m not sure why. It’s only a half-mile from home. And I always seem to enjoy it when I go. It’s nice to think about the tradition of Track and Field and some of my favorite tracksters while running. It seems to give me a bit of a lift.

The high school just spent a gazillion bucks on installing a synthetic track (I kinda liked the old clay track) and field so maybe I should use it more frequently to justify the loss of raises for the teachers of “our children.”

I don’t want to get all new year’s resolutiony on you all, but maybe I’ll try to go to the track more often this year – add some wind sprints and speed/form work into the mix. Oh yeah, and barefoot running on the artificial turf – I never got around to that last year.

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