Sunday, January 6, 2008

dreamtime or delusion

You may have noticed, I’ve been reading some Gary Snyder lately. I just read a passage in which he quotes from Dogen: “To carry yourself forward and experience myriad things is delusion. But myriad things coming forth and experiencing themselves is awakening” (Snyder, The Practice of the Wild, p. 76). This relates in some way to what I’m trying to express with my new blog title, pacific blue sky dreaming. To some degree I feel like I head out on my feet or my bike to experience the world, but I also feel that at the same time the world is heading out to me. The world I live in is represented in my mind by the name “pacific blue sky.” And that world is “dreaming” my/our adventures into existence. This, at least, is one perspective that I’d like to awaken to a little more in the time ahead. In this way, each mile becomes something much more than just something to log or graph or compare. Each mile is myriad experience. Each mile/moment is infinite. Each moment is another opportunity to awaken in the midst of this sublime earthly dream.

Delusional (slow start) stats for this week/year:
Run 6 = 3+3
Bike 7

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