Friday, January 25, 2008

browsing old books

It’s amazing how often a good book can be found in the library just by looking around in the same section of one’s favorite authors. Today I picked up another Gary Snyder book, but also found a few others on the same self.

The book I’m reading now is called The Bicycle Rider in Beverly Hills by William Saroyan. Although I hadn’t heard of this author, I liked him right away and grabbed two of his books.

“A man learns style from everything… A bike can be an important appurtenance of an important ritual. Moving the legs evenly and steadily soon brings home to the bike-rider a valuable knowledge of pace and rhythm… Out of rhythm come many things, perhaps all things. The physical action compels action of another order – action of mind, memory, imagination, dream, hope, order… The action of the imagination brings home to the bicycle-rider the limitlessness of the potential in all things.” (Saroyan, 1952, p.11-12)

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