Saturday, October 13, 2007

rainy ride

Finally, a good ol’ rain ride last night. Mindful Mule was desperately in need of a bath after that long summer of dusty buildup. It was a nice light rain (2.2 cm overnight) – the kind that’s lovely to get out and ride in.

Luckily it didn’t start raining ‘til exactly one minute after everyone had dispersed from the CICLE Art Night Ride. We had a pretty good turn out for this ride between several art exhibits in Pasadena – probably about fifty or so riders. I love floating along in that sea of blinky lights.

Since this was the first ride I’d done in the rain in a while, and I didn’t have any rain gear (“like, oh my god, it never rains in LA, hahaha…”), I was a little concerned as I watched the drops falling through the street light outside the bar window as a few of us decompressed (decomposed) after the ride.

But, it turned out to be a really enjoyable ride home. There were hardly any cars out on the streets so I just took my lane and watched the water spinning off my wheels. Mindful should be nice and shiny for a while now. I think I’ll take her out for another giant coffee right about now.

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