Monday, October 8, 2007

hungry for bikes?

An email I sent today:

Hey Adam.

Have you been to Bicycle Kitchen out near/in Silverlake/Los Felis (near LACC). I was just there for the first time over the weekend. It's a pretty fun scene with lots of bikes and their riders all around. There's also another bike shop, a coffee house with tasty sandwiches, an ice cream place, and a vegan restaurant all on the same block.

Maybe we could meet there sometime.

Enjoy it,

(of course, this invitation is open to anyone who reads this, too.)

Also sent this one:

Hey Dude,

Thanks for the burrito message.

Have you seen the "Into the Wild" movie. Just saw it last night. It's purty darned good. Lots of music by Mr. Eddie Vedder and direction by Sean Penn was added sweetness.

Ate a Senor Fish Vegerito for lunch and just drank a $2 Sapporo can.

Feelin' fine.

Hope you're, too.
The Diamonds

Last Week:
Run: 23 = 7+9+7
Bike: 47 = 7+3+7+4+(4+5)+(8+9)
Burrito: 2
Beer: 16 = 3+5+3+2+3 (a bit of a spike, but okay)
Car: 66 = 29+10+27 (a little devilish)


Geoff said...

the weird thing is that "into the wild" isn't playing up here in alaska yet. i guess it probably is up in fairbanks and/or anchorage but not down here in juneau.

Jonah said...

I hope you get a chance to see it sometime. It's a good movie. I would definitely read the book first - though, I'm guessing you already have.