Monday, September 10, 2007

mountain blend

Went for another ride up Brown Mountain yesterday evening. It felt like I was tracking myself from the day before. I couldn’t pick out my actual tire tracks, but there was something there. There was some memory of my travel that was quickly blending with the rest of my time up there. There’s a certain quality of timelessness that exists when you ride the same path over and over again - a blending of experiences through many seasons. Some of these moments stand out, some fade away, but each contributes to some faint knowledge that the mountain has become a part of us.

Run: 20 = 10+7+3
Bike: 59 = 3+(22+7)+27
Drinks: 8 = 3+2+3
Burrito: 2
Car: 118 = 94+8+6+10

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