Wednesday, June 6, 2007

stay cool

Summer is right around the corner so I thought I’d share one of my tips to beat the heat. Just before you head out on a run/bike/hike/walk/whatever, give yourself a good dousing with a spray bottle. Make sure to really get the head, neck, forearms, back of the legs… well, everywhere. This has helped me a lot. It allows the body to start cooling off before you start sweating. I have not been very scientific about this, but I think that it can extend the amount of time you can spend out in the heat. I did this today since it was rather sunny and warm. I ended up running 33% further than I had planned (results may vary.) When August rolls around you can also take the spray bottle with you, if you’re not too embarrassed – like I am. Then you have instant cooling throughout your journey and you can cool off your friends, too. This means that you can stay cool without losing excess water of your own – in other words, less dehydration. And, if you do get thirsty, just twist the nozzle off the bottle and take a sip.


shawnkielty said...

Literally squirting yourself with the bottle of water with the sport top works well too -- or stopping at the DQ for an ice cream -- or rolling into the drive up to ask for ice water.

Jonah said...

Ice cream sounds good. And I heard somewhere that chocolate milk is a good recovery drink or something?

Also, sprinklers are nice. I tend veer towards them these days and away from them in the other half of the year.