Tuesday, June 5, 2007

knowing the way

I’ve been feeling more alive lately. I thank my bicycle for this sensation. It turns me into a time traveler. It changes the way I view the world. It enhances my awareness.

I’ve got this new mantra: ride happy. It’s helps me to say this before I get on the bike and even a few times during the journey. There are a lot of cars out there. We share the road. Sometimes I get in their way and sometimes they get in my way. We are all just traveling somewhere along the way.

I rode home from a friend’s house late last night. It was cool and quiet. The streets were empty. I hope you know the feeling…

Last Week
Run 31 = 7+7+9+8 (400 year to date – aiming for 1000 in 2007)
Bike 30 = 10+10+3+7 (1,170 y.t.d. – aiming to drive way less)
Drinks 17


shawnkielty said...

Ok -- first -- you should make shirts like the fat cyclist -- but have your's say "Ride Happy."

If you were to add the miles driven to the weekly tallies, we could all share in your glory, as we see the miles drop.

In all fairness -- those are good numbers! Last year I rode almost 4000 miles. But -- I didn't run much.

A Midnight Rider said...

I get those quiet lonely rides every morning. The evening commute is the polar opposite of riding alone. Or slow, or comfortable, or....

Jonah said...

Thanks Shawn,

Good ideas.

I'll include car miles in the next log.

Mallie said...

Congrats on the plans to drive less. I'm hoping to start doing that this fall. Right now I'm lugging a laptop back and forth to work and home and I'm too scared to bike commute with it on my back.