Friday, May 18, 2007

Datura inspiration

I crossed paths with the Sacred Datura on my run Wednesday (probably wrightii/meteloides) – it’s blooming with it’s large white trumpet flowers– gotta get a photo – gotta charge the camera – gotta take the camera with me – so much to remember. Datura is a beautiful plant friend/spirit guide of mine. I learned about Datura from Francisco at the native plant nursery I used to work at. Actually, I learned a lot about everything, about life, from him. I’ll have to write more about him sometime. Datura can be a very dangerous plant. If ingested without care and respect it can lead you on some terrible journeys. But it can also be a wise teacher and provide a perspective of reality that is rooted deep within the earth. It made me happy and energized to see this plant again this spring. So I went a little further on my run. It felt really good. I wanted to add an extra 3 mile loop, but then remembered that I haven’t done many longer runs recently, and didn’t want to push my mileage too much all at once. A 28% increase is quite enough for now. Maybe I am learning something from reading all these endurance blogs. The image is a sketch I made of the bridge.

Run 9 (past the bridge to the Rose Bowl)
Bike 7
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (my favorite) 1

Bike 19
Asahi 1
Guinness 1

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