Tuesday, May 15, 2007

bikes and fiddles

Yea! Bike Week is here. C.I.C.L.E. is showing movies and holding clinics and group rides all week long in Pasadena. It started off with a group ride yesterday morning to escort the mayor to work along with about 50 riders and bike cop support. When we arrived at city hall there was food and live music by the Mariachi Divas. I’m looking forward to hanging out with the bike community a lot this week. Oh, and last night before a couple of bike related documentaries, Triple Chicken Foot played us all some great fiddle/banjo/guitar music.

Sunday Log
Run 7
Bike 8 (to mom’s)
Becks 4

Monday Log
Bike 18
Sam Smith 1
Jack and Diet Coke 1
Golden Export 2

I think this drink log is working for me. It’s actually a bit embarrassing to post it. Hopefully that will help me cut it back and save a lot of money/health. Will you help me get down to one a day?


shawnkielty said...

I thought it was 10 miles == 1 beer, no more than that. And no hard liqour! One has to earn that kind of calories.

Jonah said...

Thanks Shawn,

I like the sound of that ratio. Plus, that gives me incentive to try a century...

shawnkielty said...

If you can ride a century then you can spread the beers out, you know, bank them for dates, parties, and movies.

Or you could ride the cent, drink all the beer, and pass out for a few days.